Cherry Republic

Our root beer of the month from the Root Beer store is Cherry Republic. It is a mixture of Cherry and Root Beer. The total calories for this root beer is 190. That is very high compared to other root beers. There is a “deep” taste of root beer and cherry. It tastes very good. … More Cherry Republic

The “non” Lakefront Brewery Root Beer

“The Lakefront Brewery was started in 1987 by two brothers- Russ and Jim Klisch. The company owes its roots to sibling rivalry, as each of the brothers tried to outdo the other in making a great tasting home-brewed beer.” (   I checked a number of reviews: Londell’s Root Beer, which gave Golden Maple Root … More The “non” Lakefront Brewery Root Beer

Root Beer by any Other Name Smells the Same

“The Ipswich Brewing Company was founded by Paul Sylva and Jim Beauvais in 1991. In 2008 the company moved to 2 Brewery Place (Brown Square) in Ipswich, Mass. After facing challenging times, the company was purchased in 1999 by Ipswich Brewery’s Director of Operations Rob Martin.” Nutrition Facts: 12 fluid Ounces, 160 calories per serving, … More Root Beer by any Other Name Smells the Same

Wisconsin Dells

“…the flavor is pretty root beer extract-like, by which i mean mostly standard. the sugar level is a little higher than expected but that is just fine. if anything it seems a little watery in flavor yet a little syrupy in sweetness. there is nothing to set this apart from many other sodas. it has … More Wisconsin Dells

Farmer’s Brew

  “Twig’s Beverage Inc. Specializes in Producing the Finest Craft Soda in Old Fashioned Glass Bottles. Our Vision is to Become a Top Tier Soft Drink Manufacturer and Patron Destination that Excels in the Quality and Availability of Our Products. With the Consumer in Mind, We Are Committed to Giving Back to Our Loyal Immediate … More Farmer’s Brew