Abita South

Abita Root Beer is a popular root beer. It has a strong “cola” style of taste. On its website it states that it is different in its brewing. Its unique taste, according to Abita is its own Louisiana cane sugar.   Abita Root Beer Abita Root Beer is made with a hot mix process using … More Abita South

Thunder Beast

Thunder Beast is maple root beer. Its uniqueness is how it is packaged. You can buy a “wine” style bottle. It is packaged like a wine bottle. It is really beautiful. Driving down on Hwy 95 to Washington D.C. you reach the home of Thunder Beast. I exchanged emails with the owner of Thunder Beast. … More Thunder Beast

Hank’s is the Best

Hanks Root Beer was successfully introduced to Philadelphia and the surrounding areas in 1996. Demand for Hank’s steadily increased, and today the Hank’s Beverage Company offers a full line of premium soft drinks available across the U.S. and in select overseas markets. (Hanks beverages.net) Driving down from Boston “in the snow”, since its Winter and … More Hank’s is the Best

Tower Root Beer

Tower Root Beer made in Boston is known for being an Old School Root Beer. Driving up from New York to Boston on Highway 95. Im looking forward to the strong syrupy taste of a good root beer. Some reviews don’t like the taste of Tower Root Beer because of the strong syrup-like taste, but … More Tower Root Beer

Sioux City, Queens

Crossing over the Brooklyn Bridge to Queens you enter Sioux City Country. This is a solid root beer, which I sell at the San Juan Bautista, California History Park. Sioux City Root Beer – Another Sioux City flavor in a cool embossed brown bottle. The label on this one features a cowboy relaxing in a … More Sioux City, Queens